Fresh milk becomes the best cheese.
A look into our production.

At the beginning of every cheese speciality is the fresh raw milk. This is delivered fresh daily by farmers in the region. The raw milk is processed directly, brought to temperature and acidified with lactic acid bacteria. The resulting curd-whey mixture is gently stirred until the curd has reached the perfect consistency for further processing.


Cheese in its most beautiful form

Manual work as far as the eye can see. With practiced hand movements, the curd must not be filled too tightly and not too loosely in order to achieve the best ripening result. This type of filling is called loose curd filling, it ensures the later perforation in the cheese.

Ripening means resting.

But for optimal ripening, the cheese must nevertheless be wiped and turned by hand at regular intervals to keep the surface moist and ensure optimal ripening results.

Good things take time.

Depending on the variety, several weeks or even months can pass before the cheese has reached its typical taste. This requires not only intuition but also experience in order to precisely determine the degree of ripeness. The constant care during the ripening period is therefore also a constant quality control of our products. The natural, spicy to piquant taste of our cheese specialties is achieved by the unique room climate in our vaulted cellar.


Happiness doubles when you share it.

Enjoying cheese specialties produced hand in hand together. The best time is called "Brotzeit" - and it is even better to share special moments. We wish you bon appétit.